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The benefits of reusable gloves

The benefits of reusable gloves

Gloves play a key role in the foodservice industry when it comes to promoting hygiene and increasing both employee and food safety. There are many different types of gloves out there made from various different materials, but one of the biggest choices you will have to make is between disposable latex gloves and reusable gloves. Whilst both have their merits, reusable gloves such as Clean Hands® by Easygrab can benefit hospitality businesses in terms of both cost and efficiency.

Why opt for reusable gloves?

  • Efficient - Reusable gloves are more efficient than your standard disposable gloves in various ways, but first let’s look at efficiency of service. In the hospitality industry, time is of the essence, and any time you spend gloving up is time you could spend catering to your customers’ needs. This is where reusable gloves can come in handy (pun intended). Reusable gloves will allow you to glove up quickly between service, without the need to search for a new pair of gloves each time you prepare your customers' food. The Clean Hands® glove system by EasyGrab is designed to ensure maximum functionality in the foodservice industry. The Clean Hands® “Multi-Use” docking base, which can attach to aprons and belts, allows employees to glove up whilst on the move, cutting out both time and potential for cross contamination.
  • Cost effective - It may not seem like a big investment, but those piles of disposable latex gloves can add up to quite a cost for hospitality businesses. With reusable gloves, on the other hand, you’re looking at more use and less cost. Clean Hands® gloves allow foodservice employees to get multiple wears from just one set of gloves, meaning you get more out of your investment. No more ordering gloves on a weekly basis!
    • Environmentally friendly - It’s not just the cost that’s adding up with those piles of disposable gloves, it’s also the amount of environmental waste your business produces. With reusable gloves, you’re making the better choice for the environment. Since you’re using the same set of gloves multiple times, you’re creating  less plastic waste and increasing your business’ eco-friendliness. Not only is the Clean Hands®  glove system reusable, Clean Hands® by EasyGrab are also 100% recyclable so you no longer have to worry about the environmental impact of your glove use.
    • Durable - Since reusable gloves are designed for multiple uses, they are often more durable than your standard latex alternative. As well as reducing the chances of hand-to-food contact (or even worse - bits of glove in food), reusable gloves often provide better hand protection for employees.

    Make the smart choice

    The Clean Hands® glove system by EasyGrab is designed to increase the efficiency and functionality of Australia and New Zealand’s foodservice industries. Our reusable gloves are 100% recyclable, non-latex and HACCP Compliant. If you’re looking to make the greener, cleaner and smarter choice for your hospitality business, get in touch with EasyGrab or visit our online store today to order your Clean Hands® glove system.


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