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Hypoallergenic gloves: the allergy-friendly answer to food safety

Hypoallergenic gloves: the allergy-friendly answer to food safety

Wearing tight latex gloves on a daily basis can be an uncomfortable process for anyone, but imagine how much worse this situation could be for people suffering from skin irritation. Latex gloves, vinyl disposable gloves and even nitrile gloves have been known to provoke reactions amongst individuals suffering from allergies and skin conditions such as eczema. If you’ve noticed increased irritation and itching after wearing gloves, chances are the mitts are to blame, and you may need to opt for a pair of hypoallergenic gloves such as Clean Hands® by Easy Grab.

What causes allergic reactions in gloves?

If you’ve been suffering from skin irritation after wearing gloves, there are a number of factors that could be to blame. It’s important to look out for symptoms of allergic or adverse reactions that may require you to switch to hypoallergenic gloves.

  • Irritant contact dermatitis - Contact dermatitis is a reaction that can develop as a result of frequent use of certain skin care products, chemical substances and gloves. The type of contact dermatitis you develop depends on the cause and severity of your reaction. The first, irritant contact dermatitis, is a common, non-allergenic reaction characterised by dry, itchy and irritated skin. This can often be caused by friction and sweating between hands and gloves, and can even result from frequent use of soaps and hand hygiene products.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis - Unlike irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis occurs when an individual develops an allergic reaction to certain chemical substances or products. Symptoms of this type of contact dermatitis may include itchiness, red rashes, blistering, and swelling. Allergic contact dermatitis can result from exposure to the chemical accelerators often used in the glove manufacturing process for natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber latex gloves.
  • Latex allergy - Latex is a common material often used to make disposable gloves. Natural rubber latex (as opposed to synthetic latex) comes from the sap of a rubber tree, and has been known to provoke adverse reactions amongst individuals who have become allergic to latex proteins. Symptoms of a latex allergy often include coughing, rashes, itching and, in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. Generally speaking, many people who are allergic to latex have developed their allergy after frequent and long-term exposure to latex.

Clean Hands by EasyGrab gloves

The allergy-friendly answer

If you’ve been suffering from the above symptoms after glove use, it may be time to find an alternative answer to your food safety needs. Clean Hands® gloves by EasyGrab are non-powdered, non-latex, hypoallergenic gloves designed to accommodate foodservice employees with sensitive skin or latex allergies. Designed for maximum comfort and minimum irritation, Clean Hands® gloves are the allergy-friendly alternative to your standard disposable mitt. Clean Hands®  by Easygrab are 100% recyclable and HACCP compliant, guaranteeing a product that is safer on the skin, on your food, and on the environment.

To order your Clean Hands® glove system, visit EasyGrab’s online store or contact us.


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