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Disposable latex gloves vs. Clean Hands® Disposable Gloves

Disposable latex gloves vs. Clean Hands® Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are a vital tool in the food service industry. From protecting employees to upholding hygiene practises, gloves play an important role in any hospitality business. Whilst regular latex gloves have been the commonplace accessory for food service industries in the past, a new (and better) alternative to your regular disposable glove has arrived. Introducing Clean Hands® by EasyGrab....

Clean - Although disposable gloves are designed to prevent contamination in the food service industry, the potential for contamination still  remains relatively high with your standard latex glove. These gloves are notoriously difficult to get on and off, meaning they’re not ideal for employees who need to multitask between handling food and handling money. In addition, latex gloves can easily pick up contamination from different work surfaces if they are just left on. Clean Hands® by EasyGrab is a unique glove system designed to avoid this situation. The Clean Hands® docking base units provide a convenient place to store your disposable glove while you’re not using them.  When you need to put it on again, simply insert your hand and lift away. Thanks to this innovative glove system, a few Clean Hands® disposable gloves can last an entire day without getting contaminated, instead of a whole box or latex gloves.

Green - Disposable latex gloves are a major source of plastic waste in the food service industry. The Clean Hands® glove system by Easy Grab provides hospitality businesses with a greener alternative to regular disposable gloves. Clean Hands® disposable gloves are 100% bio-degradable, meaning you don't need to worry about the environmental impact when you dispose of them.  When you're finished with them, simply pop them into your normal recycling bin.

Fast - In the fast-paced food service industry, multitasking is a must. Whilst removing tight latex gloves can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, the Clean Hands® glove system by EasyGrab is designed with functionality in mind. The Clean Hands® glove system comes with a mobile docking system that can be attached to belts and aprons, enabling employees to glove up whilst on the go.

Hypoallergenic - Unlike regular gloves , the disposable gloves by Clean Hands® are non-latex and non-powdered, and won’t cause irritation for employees with sensitive skin or eczema. Thanks to this non-powdered design, employees will also no longer need to worry about ruining their uniforms!

Disposable gloves with a difference

Clean Hands® by EasyGrab are the disposable gloves with a difference. Designed with the food service industry in mind, Clean Hands® disposable gloves are a greener, cleaner and efficient alternative to regular latex gloves. Cleans Hands® by EasyGrab are HACCP compliant and 100% recyclable.

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