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Hello, and welcome to EasyGrab.

We are an Australian owned and operated business offering simple, quick and cost-effective solutions to the food service industry. We understand that when serving food and taking money, hand hygiene is of vital importance. We love going to cafes, bakeries and delis and seeing great hygiene. We don’t like seeing the piles of disposable gloves that quickly gather in rubbish bins. That is why we decided to bring the Clean Hands® system all the way over from Italy.

The Clean Hands® system provides a solution to the problem of cross contamination when handling food and money, making it essential for cafes, bakeries, delis etc.  Currently, most food service businesses use either disposable gloves or tongs.  Disposable gloves, often made of latex, are tricky and time-consuming to put on, can cause skin allergies and are non-recyclable.  Also, they can only be used once before they are thrown away. Using tongs can damage delicate foods. 

Using the Clean Hands system is simple, quick, damage-free and environmentally friendly. You will throw away less and save more!

EasyGrab is the exclusive agent and distributor of Clean Hands® products in Australia and New Zealand.

We can provide you with:

  • Quick Turnarounds
    We will alway endeavour to ship products on the day of order to ensure your products arrive quickly
  • Friendly and Helpful Support
    We are here to help.  With 24/7 email access and phone support (during office hours) we can ensure you choose the right product for your business
  • Small, Medium or Large
    We have solutions and packages to suit all sized businesses. No order is too big or too small.