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How Clean Hands works – A Step by Step Guide:

Fix the Docking Unit to a bench, counter, apron or pocket.  Then:

1. Take the wristband and hold between thumb and forefingers

EasyGrab How To Guide Step 1

2. Squeeze the flexible wristband together so that finger and thumb are touching

3. Insert the wristband into the glove’s neck and allow to expand.
The glove can be positioned in such a way that is can be used for left or right handed service.

Step 3 EasyGrab How to Guide

4. Place the glove and wristband onto the docking unit, then insert hand into the glove

EasyGrab How To Guide Step 4

5. For best results, when inserting hand into glove, angle fingers upwards slightly. This ensures a crinkle-free, smooth application

EasyGrab How To Guide Step 5

6. Lift hand and glove free from the docking unit. Glove can now be used to handle food

EasyGrab How To Guide Step 6

7. Put the glove back on the docking unit, by placing the wristband onto the magnetic part of the base.

EasyGrab How To Guide Step 7

8. The glove is held in place by the magnetic wristband, simply remove your hand to take money or continue with other tasks.

EasyGrab How To Guide Step 8