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The importance of hygiene in hospitality

The importance of hygiene in hospitality

Contaminated food can cost hospitality businesses more than just a happy customer. Failure to uphold hygiene practices in the food service industry can lead to bad reviews, damaged reputations, and a less-than-pleasant visit from your local food safety inspector. Whilst disposable gloves are widely considered important to food safety practices, it’s a popular saying in the hospitality industry that clean hands are better than dirty gloves. However, aren’t clean gloves better than both? Clean Hands® by EasyGrab could provide the perfect solution to your hygiene woes.

How hygienic is your hospitality business?

You may wash your hands regularly and maintain excellent personal hygiene, but have you considered one of the biggest sources of contamination in the hospitality industry?

One of the biggest problems for food service businesses across Australia and New Zealand is cross-contamination between money, hands and food items. Whilst exchanging money is nothing out of the ordinary for cafés and restaurants, this regular practice could be impacting your business’ hygiene more than you know. A lot more, in fact, as the average banknote harbours around 26,000 bacteria. It goes without saying that you don’t want these germs transferred onto your customers’ food!

touching food with clean hands

Clean Hands® by EasyGrab is specifically designed for venues in which food handling and exchange of money take place in the same vicinity. The Clean Hands® glove system comes with a magnetic docking base that fits onto worktops, aprons and belts, making gloving up easier when you’re multi-tasking between handling food and handling money.

What about latex gloves?

They may provide coverage when handling food, but anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry will know the hassle of removing and replacing latex gloves. Whilst difficult to get on and off, the possibilities for contamination with these types of disposable gloves are endless. In fact, these gloves are pretty much useless once they’ve hit a work surface, cash register, or come into contact with money. The Clean Hands® glove system by EasyGrab is designed to avoid this situation completely. As well as allowing staff to glove up quickly whilst on the move, the mobile multi-use docking system reduces the risk of contact between gloves and unclean work surfaces by providing a hygienic home for your disposable glove when it’s not on your hand. Whilst removing the potential for contamination, this system allows for multiple uses of a single set of disposable gloves.

bakery serving with clean hands

Clean Hands® by EasyGrab

Clean Hands® by EasyGrab is HACCP compliant. Designed specifically with food service industries in mind, the Clean Hands® glove system by Easy Grab helps hospitality businesses across Australia and New Zealand remain clean, green and cost-efficient.

Stop cutting corners when it comes to hygiene, and cut the unnecessary cost of disposable gloves!

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