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How can you become more environmentally friendly whilst saving money?

How can you become more environmentally friendly whilst saving money?

Reusables instead of disposables - reducing waste and lowering your weekly costs with Clean Hands® by EasyGrab

It’s a common trend that's growing in Australia and New Zealand, and it all comes down to an increased awareness of the environmental impact of waste and the positive results reusable products can have on your bottom line. Just look at the reusable cups for cafés -  this handy invention allows regular customers to fill up their BYO cup for less than it costs to purchase a disposable cup. Cafés have benefitted worldwide from this greener outlook, decreasing the amount of paper and plastic waste that hits landfill each year, and cutting unnecessary costs. Now what if we told you a similar concept could be applied to how you handle food items whilst still maintaining first class hand hygiene? That’s exactly what Clean Hands® by EasyGrab is all about.

 Bakery using Clean Hands

Go green with Clean Hands® by EasyGrab

Australia and New Zealand are becoming more eco-conscious nations, with more and more environmentally friendly initiatives being introduced every day. Whilst environmental concerns once took a back seat in the hospitality industry, plastic pollution and waste are now coming to the forefront of modern consideration.


Waste is a commonplace issue in the food service industry. Whilst uneaten food, disposable cups and café containers are amongst the usual suspects filling up bins, disposable gloves are one of the biggest contributors to the weekly waste generated by Australian and New Zealand hospitality businesses. A café can go through multiple sets of disposable gloves per day, with larger chains throwing away thousands of used gloves per week. When you consider the number of hospitality businesses in Australia and New Zealand, that’s a lot of waste hitting landfill every year!

Whilst gloves are an essential accessory for the hygiene-conscious hospitality industry, disposable latex gloves are non-reusable and notoriously non-recyclable. With Clean Hands® by EasyGrab, you can get the best of both worlds - less waste and more use. All our gloves are 100% recyclable, and the Clean Hands system is designed so that gloves last a lot longer. So whilst a café using regular latex gloves might go through several pairs per day, with Clean Hands it is possible to use just one glove per shift. Better still, when it’s time to dispose of your glove at the end of the day, you can rest assured you’re not contributing to environmental waste - just pop it in your recycling bin. 

Cut your costs

With re-usable products such as Keep-Cups and Clean Hands® by EasyGrab, you’re not just saving the environment, you’re also saving money and cutting back on a costly business expense - no more replacing disposable products on a weekly basis!

Time to glove up

Glove up with Clean Hands

EasyGrab is an Australian-owned business dedicated to helping the Australian and New Zealand food service industry become cleaner, greener and more cost efficient. With  Clean Hands® by EasyGrab we can help you save both your money and the environment.

Check out our online store and take the first step to helping the environment and reduce your waste levels today. 


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