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Handling food hygienically has never been simpler than with Clean Hands by EasyGrab.

Handling food hygienically has never been simpler than with Clean Hands by EasyGrab.


handling food Clean Hands by EasyGrab 

Save yourself time and money with Clean Hands by EasyGrab - a quick, easy and environmentally friendly solution to your food handling needs.

Quick, cost effective and environmentally friendly

In the food service industry what’s the one thing that tends to fill up bins more than anything else?  Disposable gloves.  Apart from being cumbersome and time consuming to put on, disposable gloves are non-recyclable, can cause skin irritation and are costly. 

What if I could let you in on a little secret? There is an environmentally friendly option available, which can dramatically decrease your glove consumption and make gloving-up a breeze. Introducing Clean Hands by EasyGrab, a fully recyclable, multi-use hygienic disposable glove, that snaps on an off in just a matter of seconds.


So how does it work? 

EasyGrab’s Clean Hands system features an innovative magnetic wristband that connects the slip-on glove to a docking station.  This enables the server to seamlessly slip their hand out of the glove whilst the glove remains open and magnetically attached to the base.  The glove is ready to wear again by simply inserting the hand back into the waiting glove and lifting it away from the docking base.   This means that, whilst maintaining first class food hygiene practices, the annoying chore of having to put on a new disposable glove EVERY time you handle money is a thing of the past! 


Watch EasyGrab’s Clean Hands system in action here:


EasyGrab’s Clean Hands system is the perfect answer for cafes, sandwich bars, bakeries, delis, food trucks, gelatarias and super markets who are looking for a simple, quick and hygienic way to serve food and take money over a counter. 


Unique designs that won’t irritate your hands

With its two unique and patented designs, EasyGrab’s Clean Hands system prevents cross-contamination when handling food and money, making it perfect for businesses that require servers to quickly transition between money transactions and serving food. 

One design offers a more permanent docking system that can be installed and set up on a counter or POS area. The other is a more portable option that can also be attached to a counter but also fits in an apron, belt or pocket. Each design incorporates a magnetic strip allowing the magnetic cuff of the glove to quickly and easily be used and removed again and again.

With two glove options available as well, a mitten, and a more dextrous “finger” glove for delicate items, Clean Hands by EasyGrab can cater for all your food service requirements.

They can also replace tongs, which can cause the break up and damage of fragile food.

The Clean Hands gloves, unlike other disposable gloves are non-latex, non-vinyl and non-powdered. This makes them non-irritable and perfect for people with sensitive skin or who are prone to eczema. They won’t leave a mess on your uniform either!


EasyGrab multi-use unit on belt clip


Reduce your weekly wastage and increase your hand hygiene

Studies have shown that there can be more bacteria on a coin than on a toilet seat! 

To stop cross-contamination, hospitality businesses can go through thousands of disposable gloves in a week.  With EasyGrab’s Clean Hands system, servers can use just a few gloves per day rather than a new glove every time they serve a customer.  This not only cuts down on waste, but saves time and money as well as being friendly to the environment.  

The system is H.A.C.C.P. compliant and provides the ultimate safe food handling solution, preventing cross-contamination when working with food and money. 

Notice the difference in your customer satisfaction, your business expenditure and efficiency in service, now you’ve eliminated the extra time required to glove-up.  Also enjoy the reduction in your carbon footprint as the gloves are 100% recyclable. No more glove-filled bins!


Clean Hands in a Bakery 

Clean Hands by EasyGrab saves money, saves time and saves the environment.


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