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Eco-friendly alternatives for your hospitality business

Eco-friendly alternatives for your hospitality business

Waste is a huge problem in the Australian and New Zealand hospitality industry. Whether it be plastic waste, food waste, or even water waste, the foodservice sector sees thousands of tonnes of rubbish hitting landfills each year. As our nations become more conscious of the damaging effects this waste can have on our environment, we are seeing more eco-friendly initiatives arise in an attempt to combat environmental issues. From eco-friendly gloves like Clean Hands® by EasyGrab to recyclable packaging, here are some of the eco-friendly alternatives available for restaurants, cafes and foodservice venues in Australia and New Zealand.

Clean Hands® by EasyGrab: Regular latex gloves are a big source of waste in the foodservice industry. Not only are disposable latex gloves non-reusable, they are also notoriously difficult to recycle, meaning they are destined to stay in our environment for a long time after they hit the rubbish bin. Clean Hands® by EasyGrab provides an environmentally-friendly, reusable and cost-effective alternative to regular disposable gloves. These eco-friendly gloves are 100% recyclable, non-latex and can be re-used throughout the day thanks to their multi-use design. This green initiative provides a great way for businesses to cut down on plastic waste whilst maintaining (and even gaining) efficiency.

KeepCup: Disposable coffee cups have gained bad press in Australia recently due to the environmental hazard they pose. Although seemingly made of paper, these disposable coffee cups often contain a plastic lining that doesn’t biodegrade. If you’re a regular coffee drinker or cafe worker, however, you’ll be no stranger to the KeepCup initiative. Launched by a pair of cafe owners in Melbourne, KeepCup provides a reusable alternative to disposable coffee cups. This well-known initiative has helped divert billions of disposable coffee cups from landfill, enabling hospitality businesses across Australia and New Zealand (and farther) to reduce their environmental footprint. Some cafes, including Antz Inya Pantz in Perth, are starting to embrace this reusable coffee cup trend and ditching disposable coffee cups altogether in favour of BYO reusable cups.

Paper Cup Project: Developed in part to showcase the designs of local Australian artists in Melbourne and Perth, the Paper Cup Project is another initiative providing an eco-friendly alternative to your standard disposable coffee cup. As opposed to most disposable coffee cups, these artistic cups are lined with PolyLactic Acid to ensure they are fully recyclable and compostable to Australian standards.

Water Systems: Plastic water bottles are also responsible for the large amount of waste generated in Australia and New Zealand every year. According to recent reports, one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, with many of these bottles going to landfill. Eco-friendly water systems are now providing cafes, hotels and restaurants with an environmentally-friendly alternative to commercial plastic bottles. The drinking treatment system by Little Penguin Water Co allows hospitality businesses to serve premium sparkling water on tap and/or in glass drink bottles to eliminate plastic waste.

Your eco-friendly alternative to food hygiene

With recent reports exposing and highlighting the dangers of environmental waste, it is becoming more important than ever for businesses to go greener and reduce their environmental footprint. The Clean Hands® glove system by EasyGrab is designed to help hospitality businesses across Australia and New Zealand become greener, cleaner and more cost-efficient. As well as helping foodservice venues decrease their plastic waste, our eco-friendly gloves are designed to prevent contamination between food, hands, and money to provide an eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to your standard mitt.

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