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Starter Kit - Base Unit + Mitten Gloves

$36.75 $48.99 saving $12.24
Starter Kit - Base Unit + Mitten Gloves

Starter Kit - Base Unit + Mitten Gloves

$36.75 $48.99 saving $12.24

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Your Base Unit Starter Kit is perfect for first time orders. The order contains:

  • 1 x magnetic Base Unit
  • 1 x magnetic wristband
  • 100 x Mitten gloves

The Clean Hands® glove system prevents cross-contamination between hands, food and money.

The patented system features an innovative, reusable, magnetic wristband that connects the slip-on glove to a docking station, to allow for quick and simple glove use and removal.

Designed to sit on a counter top or apron belt or pocket, it is perfect for use in delis, cafes, bakeries, food stalls and trucks, supermarkets and more…

The gloves are made from a special Poly CoEx which makes them 100% recyclable. Just pop them in your recycling bin when you've finished 

No more disposable glove waste, food damaging tongs or bare-handed grabs.

Clean Hands will save you time, money and will help the environment.

Starter Kit - Base Unit + Mitten Gloves
  • Prevent Cross Contamination

    Touching money and food is dirty business. Clean up your act with our new and innovative system.
  • Re-usable, non-latex, non-powder gloves

    Safe on sensitive skin and won't leave a mess on your clothes.
  • 100% recyclable

    Use less and recycle more. Significantly reduce your plastic and glove usage - The greener way to go.
  • HACCP Compliant

    A hygienic system designed to enhance food-handling standards.